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Mystery Manor was first conceived near the end of Pinhead's first project in 2006, The World Project. From that time the project idea evolved and developed through Project Two Tell a Story. Project Two showed some great talent and skill, feeling editors might be ready for a challenge Mystery Manor officially became Project 3. This advance knowledge even allowed for a teaser to conclude The Second Annual Golden Pinhead Awards. Mystery Manor launched in January 2008. It opened with a full opening video to set up a story the editors would have to conclude. Pinhead returned as a murder suspect, amongst a full cast of other suspects. Besides offering more characters, a set of backgrounds were also included making Mystery Manor a unique project. There was much anticipation for a high turnout. A list of known participants can be found below, some people signing up months before the project launched. The Mystery Manor opening became one of the post popular downloads, and the cast and background files closely matched its popularity. As the due date loomed, it suddenly became clear although many editors had planned to participate they did not complete their projects. The projects failure caused the cancellation of some planned bonus features, like a DVD style commentary for the opening. It also put any possibility of a fourth project at risk. The clips submitted are superb.


Project three Mystery Manor is pretty exciting. The beginning of our story is provided. Watch carefully, because your job will be to finish what we started. Tell the story any way, shape, or form you wish. No doubt lots of skills and techniques will be learned and used this time around. Certainly some of the advanced editors may jump right in, but beginners don't be put off. Ask questions stretch your abilities! All entries are welcome! Don't worry about prizes either. Beginners have won in the past, so everyone has a sure fire chance. Enjoy the show and we can't wait to see your stories!

1) Remember, the purpose of this is to tell a story.  A good story is worth more than a million special effects.  And remember to have some fun in the process.


2) Use of any video editing, graphics, photo or animation program is permitted and in fact, encouraged!


3) Several materials are provided on the downloads page.  They include everything you need to tell your story – backgrounds, characters, etc.  All you need is an imagination.


4) Music/dialog/sound effects/special effects are all up to you.


5) Tell us a good story, keep us in suspense, make us laugh and most of all, have fun.


6) Your story must be at least three (3) minutes, but there is no maximum limit. Be careful though, when telling a lengthy story it needs to hold the viewers interest.


List Of Participants for Project 3 Pinhead's Mystery Manor
Name Alias Location Submission
Althea Althea Toronto, Canada What Really Happened
Brian Longcross California, USA  
Paul Paul37 Pennsylvania, USA  
Liz Speilberg Wanna-Be Texas, USA The Sting
Igno icd Netherlands  
Michael Michael Fountain, Colorado USA  
Ruth womanmarine North Carolina, USA  
Laura Ahroo Cleveland, OH  USA Conclusion - As It REALLY Happend
Austen tenio Ohio, US  
Peter Colour England Nobody Did It
Kayla KGatz003.5 Minnesota, USA The Plan
Heather shygirl Scotland UK  
Marcel Marner Pretoria, South Africa  
Brian Snobbie45 Perthshire, Scotland  
Kees Corny Netherlands  
Simao Milson Chicago - US  
Dennis JustaViking Minnesota, USA

Act II Doomed
Act III Confession
Act IV Research
Act V Secrets

Dave patndave   Didget Does It
Wayne Wayne California In General Terms
Jeff Sparks UK The Whole Story
      The Kitchen Scene
      Pinhead's New Clothes
  Wires ??   The Cellar
  Alley   The Gate Scene



 Category  Winner  Video
 Best Comedy  Kayla  The Plan
 Best Sound  Wayne  General Terms
 Best Editing  Ahroo  Conclusion
 Best Effects  Sparks  The Whole Story
 Best Drama  Spielberg Wanna Be  The Sting Liz
 Best Screenplay  JustaViking  Act III Confession
 Best Picture  Ahroo  Conclusion