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NOTE: This is not the original PinheadHQ/PinheadAdventure Web-Site but a recreation to preserve and document the legacy of Walter Pinhead, his adventures, trials and tribulations.
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PinheadHQ's second project, became The Story Project. The videos could be about anything the editors wanted with Pinhead being the star. There was no specific theme, except that editors were to tell a story. Participants were judged on putting together a story. Pinhead was to be in most of the scenes and be moving, or used as a cut-out, or otherwise engaged in the story.  Part of the process was to encourage learning. Originally clips were to remain anonymous until the end, and have a minimum running time of 2 minutes but no more than 6 minutes in length. Both concepts were dropped during the project, to encourage sharing of techniques. Studio was the primary video editor. Photo programs to change the appearance of Pinhead were allowed.



Project two will be a project to give everyone the opportunity to tell a story and improve skills. The video can be about anything you want with Pinhead being the star.  There is no specific theme except that you should tell a story – and you can create a story about anything that appeals to you such as Pinhead learns something new, or Pinhead visits some point of interest or an imaginary event – anything goes here.   Use your imagination.   You can use video you shot, pictures you took, backgrounds – basically anything you desire.  You are not being judged on cinematography or lighting, but more on putting together a story.

From here, Pinhead starts on his worldwide adventure and that's where all of you come in.

1) Remember, the purpose of this is to tell a story, and of course to also have some fun in the process.

2) Use of any add-on programs is permitted and encouraged.

3) Several tools have been provided. You have two choices. You can output Pinhead on your printer to about 20" (obviously this would be done in pieces and then glued to board) and then film him as if he were a live actor.  You can download the tiff files provided to use them as an overlay on your filmed movie.

4) Music/dialog/sound effects/special effects are all up to you.

5) Tell us a good story, make us laugh and most of all, have fun.

So get to work and send in those videos. The deadline is September 30, 2007.


List Of Story Project Participants
Name Alias Location
Althea Althea Toronto, Canada
Brian Longcross California, USA
Kayla KGatz007 Minnesota, USA
Paul Paul37 Pennsylvania, USA
Michele Michele R Sydney, Australia
Joe KF Daddy Illinois, USA
Kayla Kgatz007 Minnesota, USA
Laura Ahroo Cleveland, Ohio USA
Ingolf IngolfZ Germany
Gerhard da-kiko  
Vince vinster30  
Wes Skyrider  
Julie ~JHM~  
Gerry Wires Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Dennis Justaviking Minnesota, USA
Peter Colour Chichester West Sussex England
Greg gjslaw California, USA
Yvette Yvette B Canada
Ruth womanmarine  
Dayna Catwoman Georgia, USA
Liz Speilberg wan be Texas, USA
Don drodgers Manitoba ,Canada
Maddox CJUK England
Cheryl Auxie  
Austen Tenio Columbus, Ohio, USA


 Category  Winner  Video
 Best Beginner  Yvette  Pinhead's New Family
 Best Comedy  Yvette  Pinhead's New Family
 Best Effects  Ahroo  Pinhead Takes a Drive
 Best Screenplay  Wires  Pinhead The Beginning
 2nd Best Comedy  Colour  Pinhead Suede Blue Shoes
 2nd Best Effects  KF Daddy  I, Pinhead
 2nd Best Screenplay  Wires  Pinhead The Beginning
 Best Picture  KF Daddy  I, Pinhead