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NOTE: This is not the original PinheadHQ/PinheadAdventure Web-Site but a recreation to preserve and document the legacy of Walter Pinhead, his adventures, trials and tribulations.
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Welcome to our 8th major project Kidnapped.

It looks like trouble has found Pinhead once again. Pinhead's Project 8 offers up am exciting adventure with lots of open questions. Who is the kidnapped girl. Who is she to Pinhead a sister, friend?, girlfriend, dog walker on retainer? She is anything you think up. And just who is this mysterious abductor. What does he want? Finally what direction will you take Pinhead in this adventure. Will he follow the kidnappers instructions? Will he go to the authorities? Or will he go rogue in a attempt to track down and rescue the girl instead. Perhaps you have something even more outlandish up your sleeve. We can't wait to find out.




Can you come up with a story? What is Pinhead's next move in Project 8's Kidnapped. Check out the downloads page to get Pinhead of course and his costars Alura and our Villian. Ford the dog is welcome to tag along with Pinhead, if you wish, but he is not a requirement. A link to him will be provided as well. Any outcome is welcome, from the most silly to the most serious. So finish the story in any way you desire. Keep the following in mind.


1) 3 Minutes minimum.


2) Tell us what tools you used in the credits.


3) Submit your embedded link with the submit clip form to be an official entry.


4) Submissions end mid-May 2014 Monday June 30th, 2014.


HERE is a video showing the opening storyline for the project.


Prizes this year are thanks to, Reallusion, Pinnacle, Smartsound, and Serif.


Reallusion is supplying iClone 5 Pro. Giving you the power to create what you imagine.
Reallusion is supplying CrazyTalk Animator Pro. Something to tickle the 2D in you.       
Reallusion's Avatar Toolkit2 is a complete 3D avatar creation system.                
Reallusion also offers a choice of any one of the City Elements Packs.
Pinnacle has given us 2 copies of Studio 17 Plus, a multi-track video editing program.      
Pinnacle also provided 2 copies of Studio 17 Ultimate, a multi-track video editing program.
Smartsound's Sonicfire Pro 5.8 along with Core Evolution Album. It generates music tracks to any length for your movies.
Serif will give the winner a choice of DrawPlus, which will be handy for Crazy Talk Animator users.
Serif's PhotoPlus, a program that gives photoshop a run for it's money.
Serif's WebPlus, a HTML Editor. Create web pages like a pro.
Serif's MoviePlus, a video editors your third option. It has all the features you would expect from a good NLE.
Remember: Serif will give the winner a choice of one of the four products listed.


Pinnacle has given us Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus and Ultimate, a multi-track video editing program. Reallusion's offers up iClone 5 Pro, Crazy talk Animator pro, Avetar kit with toonbox, and choice of 1 city elements pack. Smartsound has supplied SonicFire Pro 5 - which comes with the Core Evolution Album. SonicFire Pro allows you to generate a music track to any length for your movies, without and slicing and dicing. Lastly, Serif will give the winner a choice of either DrawPlus, which will be handy for Crazy Talk Animator users. PhotoPlus, a program that gives photoshop a run for it's money, Webplus, or MoviePlus, a video editor. All other prizes mentioned will awarded for merit. And of course we will have an on-line vote, so you can vote for the recipients of the prestigious Golden Pinhead Awards. These are honorary awards which get your name on a trophy in our Hall of Fame on the Pinhead website. So that's it, get working on your ideas and have some fun. We look forward to seeing your stories
Good luck everyone!


Welcome to the Kidnapped Golden Pinhead Awards. This year we have 13 fantastic adventures to review. Before getting started, please make sure you have reviewed all the videos. A -Optional- category that does not receive enough votes will be tossed and no GPA will be awarded. Please note this list is not definite, and some questions may not appear come vote time. The criteria is the following...

  • Pick a Favorite Poster
  • Character relations -Optional-
  • Best Facial Expressions and or Gestures -Optional-
  • Best Sound -Optional-
  • Best Music -Optional-
  • Best Technical (editing)
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Drama
  • Best Screenplay (Story)
  • Best Picture (overall)


Kidnapped Project Participants & Awards

 Name  Video
 Animagic (2nd Place)  Lost Client - Franciska Hacking
 The Mythical Dragon (1st Place)  Be Careful What You Say
 develsden  Pinhead to the Rescue - Saving Allura
 JustaViking  The Measure of a Man
 pinguintje (10th Place)  Pinhead in Kidnapped
 Colour (8th Place) (GPA: Best use of Ford the Dog)  Pinhead Project 8
 JLittle (4th Place) (GPA: Best Comedy)  Kidnapped
 3DStory  Mr. & Mrs. Pinhead
 RogerRead (9th Place)  A Blast from the Past
 GrannyJ (11th Place)  The Diabolical Dimensional Dilemma
 Ahroo (12th Place)  Perdu est Disparu (Perdu is Missing)
 Lynn (13th Place)  Kidnapped
 RB3006 (3rd Place) (GPA: Best Technical Achievement)  The One Million Dollar Man