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NOTE: This is not the original PinheadHQ/PinheadAdventure Web-Site but a recreation to preserve and document the legacy of Walter Pinhead, his adventures, trials and tribulations.
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Project 7 Teaser:

Pinhead's Wish was something entirely different when it started. Unable to get the ball rolling do to the committee's busy personal lives, a planning break was decided on. When the committee reconvened a few months later the slate was wiped clean and Pinhead's Wish came into focus. Scoring twelve (12) entries this project holds a distinction of not having any clips done by the committee.


Welcome to our 7th major project Pinhead's Wish.

Pinhead has made his final wish and we have no idea what it was. It's up to you to show us. Finish the story and show us what Pinhead wished, what kind of adventures it led to, and how did that wish turn out.

Maybe he wished to visit a country he's never been to, maybe he wished for something he always wanted, or to visit an old friend, or to try something he has always dreamed about. The possibilities here are endless. Was the result good or bad, or totally ineffective? Any outcome is welcome, from the most silly to the most serious. So finish the story in any way you wish.


Keep the following in mind:

1) 3 Minutes minimum.

2) Tell us what tools you used in the credits.

3) Submit your embedded link with the submit clip form to be an official entry.

4) Submissions end Late September 2012


List Of Participants for Pinhead's Wish
Name Alias Location Titles
Althea Althea Oakville, Ontario Canada  
Brian Longcross California, USA  
Peter Colour United Kingdom  Pinhead's wish to be a Jockey
Dulci Dulci Illinois, USA  
Werner Postfrosch Germany  
Sharon sjonesdc Washington, DC  I Wish...
Daniel 3DStory Australian living in Singapore  Pinhead Wishes He Was Taller
Roger RogRead Sherborne, UK  Pinhead Wishes for the Moon
Job animagic Arlington, VA, USA  The Third Wish
Dennis Justaviking Alabama, USA  Heart and Soul
Chris Ratticis Vermilion, Alberta, Canada  Wild Wally's Wish
Bristol BristolDuncan Nashville, TN  
Gerskey Gerskey Ireland  The Unexpected Journey
Mike WarLord Texas  
Doug The Mythical Dragon Missouri  Pinhead's Final Wish
Laura Ahroo Vermont & Ohio, USA  Pinhead's Final Wish...So Be It!
miguel miguel_2007_09 PERU  
Jon Proctos UK  The Secret Wish
Jean Moviemaniac New York  A Wish and a Dream



Category Winner Video
 Best Poster  3D Story  Pinhead Wishes he was Taller
 Sound Mix  Proctos  The Secret Wish
 Best Gesture  Ahroo  Pinhead's Final Wish...So Be It!
 Best Technical  Mythical Dragon  Pinhead's Final Wish
 Best Screenplay  Chris  Wild Wally's Wish
 Best Overall Video  Ahroo  Pinhead's Final Wish... So Be It!
 4th Place  RogRead  Pinhead Wishes for the Moon
  3rd Place  3DStory  Pinhead Wishes He Was Taller
 2nd Place  The Mythical Dragon  Pinhead's Final Wish
 1st Place  Ahroo  Pinhead's Final Wish...So Be It!


Award Video: