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Last Updated 08/31/2021



This short project was the brain child of KF Daddy. It gave editors a unique challenge. Tell your story without anyone uttering a word and do it in true silent film style. Not many, but some superb clips were the result.



Welcome to the launch of our 2nd mini project, our 6th project in total. For those of you new to Pinhead, we welcome you! Please take some time to read up on our history on the website. For those returning, you will be happy to know we finally have a new project which we call “The Pinhead Silent Movie Competition”.

The rules are fairly simple.

1) Create a video starring Pinhead about anything, but it must be “silent” and in the spirit of the “Silent Movie” days. Here is a small example found on youtube. Look up Charlie Chaplin for more examples. Silent films can be dramatic, you are not limited to comedies here.

2) Video must be in Black and White.

3) Use of music is permitted, and we encourage you to use music fitting of that era. Here is a link to some royalty free music.

4) Video should be a minimum of 1 minute long and no longer than 5 minutes. We suggest 2 minutes as ideal.

5) There are no prizes, just an on line vote for the Golden Pinheads. Vote will cover 4 categories.
a) Storyline
b) Adherence to the theme
c) Use of music
d) Use of Pinhead

6) Competition ends Late November.

7) Create your own title tiles or download some from us on the Project page.

8) We will have two divisions, iClone and 2D Division.

9) Any software is permitted. iClone Division must be partially done in iClone.

10) Upload your videos on the “Submit Clip” page. Clips must be uploaded to our site for consideration.

11) Most important – have fun and learn something new!!!! That’s what this is all about.

Okay, that’s it. We are looking forward to the creativity of all of you – we are always amazed at what you all come up with. Videos will be posted as they come it. We’ll create a new page for viewing on the website.

List Of Participants for Silent Films
Name Alias Location Titles
Althea Althea Toronto, Canada  
Brian Longcross California, USA  
Joe KF Daddy Chicago Il

Chapter 7 The Trials and Tribulations of Wally and Darla

Chapter 8 Showdown at Castle Ivor

Pinhead Talks

Peter Colour Chichester UK Pinhead's Miss Judgement
Dennis justaviking USA

Pinhead In a Black And White Castle

Pinhead in a B&W Castle - The Return

Mandy Raven2angel UK Silence is Golden
  Dulci   Pinhead In Adventures With Jimmy
Kayla kgatz003.5   Pinhead's Mis-Fortune, The Final Chapter
Pete Van Helsing  

The Mountie

Roger Rogread Sherborne, UK Pinhead's Fishing Expedition
Pinhead's Fishing Exped (The sequel)
Laura Ahroo   Death by Cupcake
Peter Allpoint Studios Warrington, UK Get to the Wedding
      Pinheads Mis-Fortune



 Category  Winner  Video
 Best Music Score 2D  JustaViking  Black and White Castle
 Best Music Score 3D  ??  ??
 Best Use of Pinhead 2D  ??  ??
 Best Use of Pinhead 3D  Van Helsing  The Mountie
 ??  ??  ??
 Best Story Line 2D  Ahroo  Death by Cupcake
 Best Story Line 3D  Van Helsing  The Mountie