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Near the end of 2008 came the mini project. It had a much shorter run time and asked the editor a very simple question. What can you do with Pinhead with a time constraint of just one minute? One exciting aspect of this project was the creativity not just from past participants, but many new ones that arrived for this one.



Welcome to Pinhead Mini Project 1, entitled “The One Minute Challenge”.  The project is exactly what it says… we want you to make a one minute video with Pinhead as the star.  The one minute time frame is strict , no exceptions.  The only thing that can go over the one minute is the credits.  Credits, however, should be kept to a minimum and should not identify you.

We’re going to publish the videos as the come in, but we won’t identify the author.  We thought it would be more fun to vote without knowing who the creator was.  We’ll have two divisions, iClone and 2D editing.  So you wont be competing against each other.  Project starts September 26, 2008 and goes to Friday November 7,2008. 

From the 7th to the 14th, we’ll have an on-line vote for :

  • Best iClone Comedy
  • Best iClone Drama
  • Best 2D Comedy
  • Best 2D Drama

List Of Participants for One Minute Challenge
Name Alias Location
Althea Althea Toronto, Canada
Brian Longcross California, USA
Gerry Wires UK
Joe KF Daddy Chicago Il
Jeff Sparks UK
Raymond rayben ST Helens, UK
Peter Colour W. Sussex UK
Liz Spielberg Wan Be Lone Star State = TEXAS
Mandy Raven2angel UK
Ruth womanmarine North Carolina
Peter allpoint Warrington, UK
Dennis justaviking MN USA
Rick Rick Australia
Gabe aknzrdude California
Roger Rogread  
Laura Ahroo Cleveland, OH - USA
Iain Iain  
58guillermo 58fguillermo Argentina



 Category  Winner  Video
 2D 2nd Place  Ahroo  The Hero
 3D 2nd Place  allpoint  I Pinhead
 3D 2nd Place  Aknzrdude  The Exorciser
 2D 1st Place  ??  ??
 3D 1st Place  Liz  Pinhead Exposed