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NOTE: This is not the original PinheadHQ/PinheadAdventure Web-Site but a recreation to preserve and document the legacy of Walter Pinhead, his adventures, trials and tribulations.
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Pinhead Missing was the answer to the question what if Pinhead vanished. In early 2009 the next major project got underway. The premise was that Pinhead had vanished, and clips needed to be submitted showing where he could be. Turnout for the project was pretty high, proving Pinhead still had legs.


Well, it’s time for our latest project, Our dear friend Pinhead seems to have vanished, and it is up to you to help us find out what happened to him. We need your help!  HAVE YOU SEEN PINHEAD?
You can tell your story in many ways!  For example simple sightings of Pinhead, include Pinhead in your clip in some way.  Many examples of this type of clip can be viewed on our View Clips page in “World Project”.    Or you may choose to tell a story about where he is and what he’s doing.  Or show us exactly what happened.   Be straight forward with the facts or be really mysterious.  Check out clips in our Story Project and Mystery Manor Project.  It is all up to you.  We encourage all sorts of entries.

Here are the specific details about the project.
1) There will be two separate divisions, one for 2D animation, and another for 3D Iclone entries.


2) Please include a list of all programs/tools used in your clip's credits. We, along with other editors and animators always find it interesting and helpful to see what methods are used to create your videos.


3)  There are no restrictions on what sort of editing tools or add-on programs you may use to assist you in creating your video.


4) There is no time limit, but we highly recommend keeping your clip under 5 minutes. 


5) Clips can be uploaded when they are completed and the author’s names will be published as they come in. 
We have been fortunate to obtain some amazing prizes for this project from Reallusion, Prodad and Pinnacle.

Deadline for entries is April 17, 2009.

At contest close, we will have the official on-line vote for your favorite videos and the winners will be the recipients of the infamous “Golden Pinhead Award” and your name will be placed on a statue and stored in our “Hall of Fame”.
Good luck to everyone, but most of all have fun.



From Reallusion:

  • Two prizes of 25,000 Backstage points – that’s a $250.00 value for each prize

From Prodad

  • 1 Vitascene (special effects package) valued at $399
  • 1 Mercali Expert (video stabilizing package) valued at $129
  • 1 Heroglyph (titling and route package) valued at $219.00
  • 1 Adorage (plus 9 effects packages) valued at $399

From Pinnacle

  • 1 Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate plus USB Capture Box for video capture valued at $149.00
  • 1 Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate valued at $129.99
  • 2 Winter Themed Montage Add-On for Studio valued at $79.99
  • 1 set of 2 Scorefitter Volumes valued at $59.98

The top two Iclone Entries will receive the Two Backstage prizes.
The top two 2D Winners will receive the Vitascene and Adorage packages.
The balance of the prizes will be awarded by merit and could be awarded to either division.  Much will depend on the number of entries we receive.
One prize will be awarded by a draw…anyone who submits a clip will be included in this draw so your chances of winning something are very good.

List Of Participants for Pinhead Missing
Name Alias Location Titles
Althea Althea Toronto, Canada The Letter
Brian Longcross California, USA Lost in Thought
Joe KF Daddy Chicago Il -Mission Pinhead
-Pinhead: In Search of America
Mike Apparition Guatemala  Pinhead Wars
Liz Liz aka Spielberg Wanna Be Texas USA -Pinhead Found
-White Lightning
Peter Colour Chichester UK Pinhead Discovers the Source of the Nile
Dennis justaviking Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) Under a Crescent Moon
Peter allpoint   Where is Pinhead?
Laura Ahroo Cleveland, OH USA When In the World Is Pinhead?
Melanie afterThought Toronto, Canada Pinhead in the S***
Colleen Dulci Illinois The Lovers Reunion
Roger RogRead Sherborne, UK

-The Delivery Man
-Pinhead Goes Underground

  Raven2angel   A Strange Encounter
Linda Duchess110 Hereford UK Pinhead Where Are You?
Jerome Strawberrybob Mi Wuk Village, California USA Pinhead is Coming Home
Darren mellormedia Guisborough, UK Do you Think I Know That!
Dave Dave M. Washington State USA Pinhead Found In Seattle
Kayla KGatz003.5 Minnesota USA Pinhead Can't Find The Undisclosed Location
Jason mrjrm   Pinhead: Into The Wild Blue Yonder



 Category  Winner  Video
 Best Music 2D  Liz  Pinhead Found
 Best Music 3D  MellorMedia  Don't You Think I Know That
 Best Sound 2D  ??  ??
 Best Sound 3D  afterThought  Pinhead in the S...
 Best Technical 2D  KF Daddy  Mission Pinhead
 Best Technical 3D  afterThought  Pinhead in the S...
 Best Comedy 2D  RogRead  Delivery Man
 Best Comedy 3D  Longcross  Lost in Thought
 Best Drama 2D  Ahroo  When in the World
 Best Drama 3D  afterThought  Pinhead in the S...
 Best Picture 2D  Ahroo  When in the World
 Best Picture 3D  afterThought  Pinhead in the S...