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Lost in time thought of by two committee members about the same time. While one member pitched the idea, the other eagerly jumped aboard, explaining they were thinking the same thing. Time travel seemed a perfect fit for Pinhead. Sadly it may not have been as popular with the editors themselves. With only ten clips Lost in Time, aka Back on Time became the lowest rated project in Pinhead history.



Welcome to our 6th major project "Lost in Time". As you can see Walter P. Pinhead has gotten himself flung through time. Where he ends up and what he does is up to you.

You may do any time travel story you like. Pinhead can travel to any future or past time period, but he must travel backward or forward a minimum of 50 years. Pinhead can witness, influence, or even change the past or future. There are a lot of time travel influences you may take inspiration from be it print, television, film, and there are always your own original ideas. You are not restricted to Back to the Future and its plot in any way. We only used it as a wonderful way to introduce the project.

Keep the following in mind:

1) 3 Minutes minimum.

2) Videos should take place ANY time prior to 1960 or after 2060.

3) Tell us what tools you used in the credits.

4 ) Submissions end May 8th, 2011. Extended to May 22nd 2011!


Prizes are thanks to Avid and Reallusion. Reallusion presents Crazy Talk Animator Pro for 2D artists. For the best 3D video the prize will be Avids brand new video editing program called Avid Studio Ultimate which is being released this month and it is not Pinnacle Studio - it's something brand new.

The problem with Pinnacle Studio (even tho we love and bought the latest version - Pinnacle Studio 15)- is that it only had one overlay track and one text overlay track.  It's a very stable and easy to use video editing program, but sometimes when editing iClone movies, you need more tracks for sound effects, etc.  Well Avid Studio Ultimate is the answer as it has unlimited tracks or if not unlimited, it has a lot.  And it comes with so many special effects that are all keyframeable such as particles and lights and tooning and titling.  These are special effects by Magic Bullit and Knoll Light Factory, etc. that other wise would cost a fortune if bought separately.  Not to mention it is great for editing home video in HD and burns great DVDs.  And it supports smartsound with a plugin. Prize value is $169.

List Of Participants for Lost in Time
Name Alias Location Titles
Althea Althea Oakville, Ontario Canada  
Brian Longcross California, USA  
Guy Bigboss Quebec, Canada Pinhead is Back... to the Future
Roger Rogread Sherborne, Dorset, UK The Battle of Trafalgar
Peter Colour Chichester UK Pinhead Saves El Paso
Keith Elem West Monroe, Louisiana - USA  
Laura Ahroo Cleveland, Ohio When In The World Is Pinhead - The Sequel
Daniel 3DStory Singapore The Pinhead Paradox
  allpoint   The Wrong Time
Mark     Pinhead Meets the Great COG
  Dulci   Pinhead In The Chamber
  animagic   Pinhead's Dilemma
  JustaViking   An Epic Adventure



 2D Best Screenplay  RogRead  Battle of Trafalgar
 2D Best Picture  Ahroo  When in the World is Pinhead - The Sequel
 Best Music  3DStory  Pinhead Paradox
 Best Technical  BigBoss  Pinhead is Back to the Future
 Best Comedy  Mark  Pinhead Meets the Great COG
 Best Drama  allpoint  The Wrong Time
 Best Picture  Mark  Pinhead Meets the Great COG
 Best Picture  allpoint  The Wrong Time