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This project put forward some interesting ideas, like who finances all of Pinhead's adventures, and what happens if they cut him off? Interesting timing with the economy or just inspiration of the times, it led to over seventeen separate participants and at least twenty clips, not bad.




Welcome to the launch of our 5th anniversary project, our 7th project in total. For those of you new to Pinhead, we welcome you! For those returning, you will be very intrigued with Pinhead's latest outing.

The rules are fairly simple.
1) Create a video Prominently starring Pinhead doing anything job related or job searching.
2) Video should be a minimum of 1 minute long and no longer than 5 minutes. We suggest 2 minutes as ideal.
3) There are several prizes to be awarded...

4)We are watching for
   c)Adherence to the theme
5) Competition ends April 30th, 2010.
6) We will have two divisions, iClone and 2D Division.
7) Any software is permitted. iClone Division must be partially done in iClone.
8) Upload your videos on the “Submit Clip” page. Clips must be uploaded to our site for consideration.
9) Most important – have fun and learn something new!!!! That’s what this is all about.


Okay, that’s it. We are looking forward to the creativity of all of you – we are always amazed at what you all come up with.

List Of Participants for Get a Job
Name Alias Location Titles
Althea Althea Oakville, Ontario Canada Quest for a Job
Brian Longcross California, USA  
Joe KF Daddy Chicago Il Pinhead Gets a Job
Chris Lola51 Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
Peter Colour Chichester UK Pinhead Stinks
Michela Michela Italy  
Roger Rogread Sherborne, UK Just the Job
Just the Job 2
Just the Job Finale
Chris Seeker769 Texas, USA  
Laura Ahroo Cleveland, Ohio Free Ride....DENIED
saiyad saiyad dubai  
Melanie afterThought Toronto, Canada  
Dulci Dulci Illinois Pinhead's Love Line
Peter allpoint

Warrington, UK

Scent (a.k.a Scent of a Man)
Darren Mad Mellor Man Guisborough, UK Pinhead for Premiere
Guy Bigboss

Laval, Quebec, Canada

Haunting Story
AnimaTechnica AnimaTechnica fremont Monkey Business
Mark Rainman Seattle  
Damian Wolf Oakville, Canada Pinhead Meets The Maker
Dave patndave Oklahoma Get a... "Job"
Mandy Raven2angel


Lonely End
An Insane Case of Madness
Liz Spielberg Wanna Be Texas USA Pinhead Gets A Job
Jim Instaclone USA Pinhead gets a job?
Gayle & Laura Gayle & Ahroo   He Who Laughs Last...
Sharon sjonesdc   Jest a Job
Dennis justaviking   Pinhead Gets A Boring Job
Ken White     Entry Level



 Best Gesture & Expression 2D  Spielberg Wanna Be  Pinhead Gets a Job
 Best Sound & Music 2D  RogRead  Just the Job Finale
 Best Gesture & Expression 3D  Ken White  Entry Level
 Best Story 2D  Gayle & Ahroo  He Who Laughs Last...
 Best Technical 3D  Wolfzone  Pinhead Meets the Maker
 Best Story 3D  Alley  Quest for a Job
 Best Picture 2D  Ahroo  Free Ride... DENIED
 Best Picture 3D  Bigboss  The Pinhead Haunting Story