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NOTE: This is not the original PinheadHQ/PinheadAdventure Web-Site but a recreation to preserve and document the legacy of Walter Pinhead, his adventures, trials and tribulations.
Last Updated 08/31/2021



Welcome to Pinhead Project 9.  Today we launch a new project which will be a little different from past projects.  We think the concept will appeal to not only iClone lovers, but also our other loyal fans who have been with us from the beginning of the Pinhead Projects, which are approaching 10 years in 2016.

We shall call this project “Comic Relief”.  As per the video above, the idea is to create a story using still comic-like scenes.  Each scene can depict a situation that Pinhead has gotten himself into.  This is where those Indigo Lovers can take advantage of their superior renders.  Facial expression will be very important to get the emotion and mood of the scene across.  Lighting will come into play…is  it daytime, nighttime, etc. And of course the music will also be key to getting your audience to identify with your story.



Each scene can have pan and zoom used to emphasize the portion of the scene that your character is speaking in.  But no movement of your characters. You can overlay special effects, such as candle flickering as above, or rain coming down if it is outdoors.. Use the effects to add more interest and intrigue to your scene.

Speech bubbles can be added in any creative way, but there can be no actual speech.  We could allow the sound of a cat purring or an animal noise or anything that could be considered a “sound effect” but no spoken dialogue.


Rules are very simple:

  • Story about anything Pinhead;
  • Must be a minimum of 3 minutes and 8 Panels;
  • Please no more than 5 minutes - you want us to watch the whole thing;
  • Each frame can have up to 3 special effects, using either iClone or post-editing software;
  • (Pan and zoom not considered an effect).


Contest starts Nov 11, 2015 and closes on Feb 15th, 2016.



Our thanks to the following companies for providing prizes for our project.

Project is mainly promoted by iClone users in the Reallusion community, although other software entries are allowed and encouraged.



Comic Relief Participants

 Name  Video
 GrannyJ  For the Love of Gretchen
 Animagic  Playing Dead
 pinguintje  Pinhead in Fashion
 Toomerama  Pinhead's Inheritance
 TheOldBuffer  Pinhead Gets Buffed
 RogRead  Hamster Jam
 Gerskey  Gramps the Grumpy Old Man
 Colour  Pinhead's Whacky Races
 JustaViking  Pinhead's Vacation
 JLittle  Pity the Fool
 The Tie
 3DStory  Super Pin & Quack - Rubber Ducky You're the One



 Category  Name  Video
 Best Posed Comic Frames  GrannyJ  For the Love of Gretchen
 Best Use of Speech Bubbles  Toonerama  Pinhead's Inheritance
 Best Sound Effects & Music  Animagic  Playing Dead
 Best Story  JustaViking  Pinhead's Vacation
 Best Technical Achievement  3DStory  Super Pin & Quack - Rubber Ducky You're the One
 Best Overall  TheOldBuffer  Pinhead Gets Buffed
 4th Place  JustaViking  Pinhead's Vacation
 3rd Place  TheOldBuffer  Pinhead Gets Buffed
 2nd Place  Animagic  Playing Dead
 1st Place  GrannyJ  For the Love of Gretchen

Award Video: